So, a friend of mine is getting married soon whilst dating for a very short period of time. No, its not due to pregnancy. Due to that, a bunch of friends start to, um, gossip (yes guys gossip too) and we decided to make an interesting bet where the winner gets a dinner from losers!

The bet is simple, guess when they might get a baby! So heres the guess:

Myself: September 2012

Jess: January 2013

Mau: April 2012

Kitty: October 2012

Alex: June 2012

JJ: March 2012

Lets see who gets treated shall we? =p


I could say I travel to Singapore pretty frequent compared to many. Though this time, it is rather different. Usually I would travel to Singapore due to family reasons. This time, I travelled specifically to meet up with a bunch of friends I knew for years, yet barely/never met.

Truth to be told, I was pretty nervous and uncertain as, strictly speaking, I don’t really know them other than interacting online and such. After meeting them, damn it proved me wrong and I had the best weekend! To think of it, I had such a great time I should’ve gave everyone a hug! Though I only hugged Wee Wee and Kit =(.

USS Buddies!

I shall not go on and on about the usual boring stuff about how awesome this place is or how awesome that food taste, because this trip made me realise more than ever, for every holiday, the integral part of the trip is not the destination, its the company.Ok enough the corny stuff,  heres what the trip is all about! =D

Getting Lost in Singapore

Sexually harassing a granny

Watching the love birds

Raiding Toys R Us

Getting busy with iPad

Paying tribute to the dead chicken

and getting drunk

I shall apologise to all my Sotong friends, for taking so damn long to visit you guys. I shall be corny one last time for this post. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! ❤  Now its you guys’ turn to visit me in KL!

Sotongs! (With 2 MIA)

Warning: the following content contains rants. Do not read if you are not prepared to hear me whine about puny daily life problem which compares my childish rants to people less fortunate. Kthxbai

My day started off beautifully. No urgent task at hand waiting for me in the office, no early alarm clocks, family movie outing after work and long holiday awaits. What could go wrong? Oh, things went very wrong, in my context at least. What went wrong? I shall reveal.

So, movie outing was organized by me. Picked the movie “The Lost Bladesman”. Chinese action movie, family favorite. Picked time and location, Pavilion to adjust to cousin’s working shift and no one gave any objection.

Nightmare started when everyone started heading there. As we didn’t expect, none of us did, there’s a horrible jam everywhere in KL. Normal isn’t it? Fnally gathered at Pavilion, grabbed dinner and daunt the movie. It was lousy, got blamed for picking a shitty movie. (yeah, like I watched it beforehand). Paid parking, knowing that it’s a city centre, fees are cut-throat. Head home, jam like sit again.

While at home, dad started whining and complaining that movie is lousy. Asked me why I pick such location (which he didn’t object) and paid exhorbant parking fees and massive traffic jam provided with the amount of cars we went with.

So what’s the fucking problem? Not that the movie is in my control. Not that the traffic jam is predicted. Not that I could cointrol how many cars went to Pavilion paying such fees. Maybe my planning isn’t all that good but why the outburst? Can’t you be a litle appreciative for the effort of me bring family together to enjoy a much anticipated get together? I did this for everyone to be happy. at least I tried. A simple thank you will be good.

For fuck sake it’s just a fuckng movie outing. What’s with the fucking hoo hah you create? I didn’t even ask for anything in return.

Sometimes these things just demotivates you from doing something extra for the family. It totally puts me off organizing any shits in the future. Fuck this shit.

So, the previous post I mentioned about some interesting photos I took while I was at Shanghai.


To kick off, this is the immigration card which amused me.



Then, after I check-in the hotel…


Wah! Bathe only, don't wanna die D:

So, fans also need to take a break sometimes I suppose

Speechless -.-


To the restaurant after that…


Macam mana makan ni?

So they even serve Japanese Doctors too? =o


Some tourist spot…


How careful should I actually step? o.O


Do note that there are way too many, just picked a few interesting ones to post XD


On a side note, gonna share a few interesting pictures.. this ice-cream franchise can only be found in Japan, Taiwan and China! Its mutha fucking awesome that if you happen to visit these countries…MUST TRY WEIIII!


Awesome Ice-cream!


And a porcelain rubbish bin I somehow find quite interesting XD


So, you have any interesting “engrish” that you encountered? (not those you see through internet pls, those note  considered lah!)

For the past week, I’d spent time paying China a visit, spending 8 days visiting Shanghai and its neighbouring cities. Basically I’d been visiting lakes, pagodas, temples and more pagodas and more temples and shop shop shop eat eat eat (ah, food. Best part of any holiday, except Beijing) Oh and also celebrated me sister’s birthday at an awesome location in Shanghai! Happy Belated Birthday Rachel!

Celebrating Rachel's Birthday

Generally the whole trip is pretty relaxing and calming viewing all those sceneries and stuff, what puts me off is the Chinese attitude in certain aspects (known as cheenas from now on). While I was in Suzhou, where I enjoy the slow paced life and awesome sceneries, suddenly, “HOOOOOOOOOOONKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!”. Big turn off. I guess the government noticed this problem and they replaced buggies’ honk (yes, their buggy can honk too) to some “please-hold-the-line music”, you know, those generic midi music you hear while you’re on the phone? Yeah those, for a moment I thought which idiot calling some hotline and put the music on loud speaker.

Another thing I’m pissed is that their mutha fucking attitude where they could spit everywhere. Heck this could even come from some hot chick! Saw some hot chick pass by and I was like, “Wooooo!” then she went “Ka-toooo!” on the floor, right in front of you, almost landing its disgusting spit on your shoe and continue whatever shes doing and pretend nothing ever happened. seriously? wtf? Other than all these shit ass attitudes, Cheenas are generally nice bunch of people. They are friendlier now, (except their spits) and generally more competent (unlike some Malaysians, Malaysia Boleh!)

Overall, the trip is pretty enjoyable with really nice and fun tour guide and driver. Though, I sprained my leg and half of the trip I walked like a crippled old man; every step I take is a bloody torture. No thanks to this:

This stupid horse run like some scary shit chasing him -.-

Though, this trip is quite rewarding just ’cause I get to view cherry blossoms! Wheeee! Though those bloody Cheenas spoil everything, again. They just had to molest and abuse those cherry blossom to psoe with their ugly faces. Not to mention, a peacock appeared with its glorious butt all opened up (k, that sounds wrong) then all those Cheenas rush in hordes and surround the peacock and the peacock ran for its poor life -.-

Nice righttttt???

K shall not be some “long wind” old man and blabber on. To finish things off, I saw this Alaskan Husky which reminds me very much of my poor Whiskey, just that its larger and saaaaaaaaame attitude.

Next post! Please expect some awesome typos I spotted in China! Stay tuned! =D

For some time since I wanted to try blogging.


Well, for a start I had finally set-up a blog. I wonder if I have anything to start. If I do, I wonder how long would it take for anyone discover it. For now, I hope no one does.


Most likely this would be my channel to speak my mind. After all, you had to express yourself somewhere right?


If you somehow stumble upon this place, which is unlikely. Enjoy! (That is if I have the motivation to type anything)